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CFCamp 2015

CFCamp is Europe’s only dedicated CFML (ColdFusion Markup Language) conference and mso was heavily involved: sponsoring the party and designing the new conference logo.

It was the 6th CFCamp in Munich, Germany and once again it was a great conference with people from all over the world in attendance. This year also saw a change of venue moving to the Municon conference center located at the heart of Munich airport.

Whilst predominantly a CFML conference with the best known faces from the global CFML community attending, exhibiting and speaking, the conference also covered many none-CFML related topics. Subjects ranged from static sites to Elastic as well some less technical topics like Jorge Reyes with his talk on value based pricing.

As is normal at conferences like this it is also the conversations you have in between talks or over a meal and drink in the evening that prove just as valuable as the talks themselves and once again it proved to be the case at this year’s CFCamp.

I was also speaking at the conference for the first time. Never having spoken at anything on a scale like this before, the conference was all the more unique, albeit a little daunting. When the schedule was released a month or so before the conference I discovered I had the final slot on the final day. Since another talk about email deliverability was taking place at the same time, I initially thought this was a good thing: I could cut my teeth on a smaller audience. However, this didn’t prove to be the case...

At lunchtime on the second day, I was informed that the other speaker who was due to present in the same time slot as me had been taken ill, meaning I would have everyone at the conference in the room hanging on my every word.

Any nerves I had before my presentation were offset the hour before by Mark Drew giving an excellent presentation on the black magic that is Meteor. As Mark finished up it dawned on me that I was next! My talk on the importance of website load speed was really well received, despite a stumbling intro and a slight technical hitch and it’s convinced me that people can really benefit from some of my insights. At mso, we really want to inform people about best practice as well as elaborate and comment on what’s ‘out there’ as well as nurture our fellow developers. The technical meetups we have been promoting are now gaining traction and are really popular, held in our office over a beer and a pizza which hopefully keeps everything relaxed and informal and fuels debate.

If you would like to know more, come to our next meeting or simply become part of our mso developer community, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you.



Andrew Dixon, Technical Director



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