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Drone Photography has really taken off!

“We’ve spent the last 100 years taking images at ground level, so as soon as you change the perspective slightly, everything looks different, everything looks beautiful”
- Romeo Durscher

Drone photography is really changing how we see things, we are no longer looking up, we’re looking down - and what a view it is! Drones offer a breathtaking bird's eye view at a price that’s now affordable, giving even the smallest of companies the opportunity to engage their audience in a creative and immersive way. Many argue that this has been one of the most exciting developments in photography in recent years - and who are we to disagree? We love the ‘wow’ factor that drone photography gives to our websites.

We first used drone video footage and photography back in early 2016 to feature on the Bedes Summer School website. The video’s and imagery are still as powerful now as it was when first recorded, showcasing the fantastic locations of the summer schools and its facilities. The Bede’s drone footage has been a resounding success, as a result of which drone footage has also been implemented onto other sites such as Rugby School. As a user you cannot help but be immersed by the footage as the visual sweeps from the lush green lawns of the school over the chapel, presenting to the audience the elegance and prestige of the Rugby grounds which could not be conveyed in simple still images.

So what is a drone? Drones are small unmanned aircrafts, that have just enough space to hold a camera. They are made of lightweight composite material that enable you to capture unique viewpoints of a subject from huge heights, whilst being piloted remotely from the ground. Most drones are now capable of shooting up to 4K, producing beautiful aerial footage as it glides through the air fluidly capturing amazing imagery and videos from a viewpoint which would otherwise be unachievable. To make things even easier you can connect your smartphone to the remote to view on-screen exactly what the drone is recording.

Drones have revolutionised aerial imaging and are an example of how innovative technical advancements can really change the nature and the boundaries of our industry.



Hannah Brown, Administrator



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