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We're collaborating with SiteVision

SiteVision, a web application development and hosting company enlisted our help on a project for a client in the state of Virginia.

The client in question, the VA Hospital and Healthcare Association uses an emergency management system that helps hospitals in the state of Virginia coordinate their resources in response to various types of incidents. For example, if there’s a viral outbreak in the area, a new incident would be raised on the site and hospitals would be required to provide updates. These updates would include metrics like: the number of beds available, availability of facilities, resources such as drugs or bandages and so on.

Working closely with the guys at SiteVision we’ve added functionality to one of the modules using CFML and a framework called Framework One (aka FW/1). This was undertaken whilst the SiteVision dev team worked on other required features.


We enjoy working with SiteVision; our developers have found it challenging yet rewarding to work with a team based in the States. Although it has resulted in many Skype calls and working remotely, we’ve learnt a lot by trading skill sets and getting a better understanding of other frameworks and technologies. The time difference has also meant we’ve had to get into the habit of “Good morning” when it was two in the afternoon here in the UK!



Sarah Pooley, Account Director



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