Project Summary

Using a mobile first, responsive approach, the goal was to redesign the website, being sympathetic to the design of the recently updated (passenger) site. This redesigned site would need to function and look the same for users viewing in both English, French and eventually German, meaning that all aspects of the design would need to be considered in terms of translation.


Another huge element of this project was to create a bookings form, that would look good and provide users with an easy experience when arranging their freight transportation. From the offset it was agreed with the client that mso would design the site only. The website designs where to be based on the popular bootstrap framework breakpoints, design mockups for desktop, tablet, and mobile were to be produced. This would mean a wide variety of elements such as buttons, page widgets and tables would need to be created, considered responsively, and styled consistently. Due to this we were also required to provide a style guidelines and behaviour document to the development team to ensure all elements would be handled in the same way when moving forward with the website.


To aid the design process we were provided with a set of existing style guidelines for the site. Using these we could collectively decide on points of consistency to unite both the passenger and freight site, plus work out where improvements, or alterations could be made, for example introducing different animations to make the new site feel more dynamic and in keeping with the latest web design practices

Web Design

We approached mso to work on the design of the website as, having worked with them before, we knew they could offer the perfect combination of technical knowledge and creative design ideas. It was also important to us that we worked with a local company.

Mimi Jordan, Senior Product and Comms Manager Eurotunnel

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