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Branding & Logo Design

Establishing a brand identity is not always easy.

It pays to get the help of a creative and marketing team to brainstorm and come up with the ideas to move you forward. It’s not just about a logo, it’s the communication of an ethos, a mission, a value. The branding team at mso is made up of various disciplines and backgrounds with one aim: to pinpoint an aspiration and transmit it in such a way that it resonates with the very audience it is targeting.

How do we do it?

We’ve taken on various branding projects for clients but always follow the same process, which for us, guarantees a very happy customer. The initial meeting is always face to face so we can hear you articulate your passion for what you’re trying to achieve. We ask about your likes and dislikes so we can start to build a picture and establish a story - we know that for all of us, buying into a brand is usually in the first instance, a purely sub-conscious reaction.

We then go away into our mso cave and ponder and think before arriving at several design concepts. Again, we prefer this to be a face to face meeting so our design team can explain each concept and get your feedback before progressing with the next iteration.

Putting it into practice

Sunways Travel

In the case of Sunways, the logo had to span both the business travel and the leisure arms of the business. Careful consideration was given to the logo’s size, how it would render on various platforms, whether it could be simplified (i.e. mean something without associated text) and colour. Since both businesses rely heavily on strong and resonating imagery to communicate Sunways’ pedigree and longevity, we needed a logo that would look good in one solid colour and in reverse according to the background colour palette.

The logo that was decided upon works for a number of reasons. Based on the Alamillo bridge (built for Expo’92) and designed by the famous Spanish architect, Santiago Calatrava, our designer wanted to create something of similar elegance and poise. Whilst the Sunways’ logo itself will have a different connotation to different people, we wanted to ensure that the overall feeling was one of stability - and shape psychology dictates that triangular shapes instil that feeling. Applying the same process to our choice of colour, the dark blue signifies integrity and professionalism.

A darker shade of blue is perfect for business and corporate requirements. Once agreed, we progressed to designing both online and offline marketing collateral, business cards, letterheads and compliment slips.


Highbank Communications Limited

We’ve also recently undertaken the same brand identity process for Highbank Communications, a consultancy which advises UK businesses on how to communicate effectively with their key audiences and headed by Clive Hawkins, himself having served as Global Head of Employee Communication & Media Relations for the National Grid plc. The logo supports the Company’s 3 point approach: helping business develop strong and effective communications that are embedded in the heart of its clients’ operations; ensuring consistency both internally and externally and lastly helping to underpin a strong operating performance.

We were keen to keep the logo fluid hence the circular frame and incorporate 3 further circles to not only reiterate the 3 point approach but to give the feeling of beacons (again, emphasising the industry in which the Company operates). With the logo agreed, the next project was to provide business cards and letterheads and additional collateral as required.

Diagram of aims
Maximise business performance
Strengthen communication delivery
Deliver a single communication process
Protect and advance brand and reputation
Transform your performance and reputation from within

Need a hand?

If you feel that your brand identity needs refreshing, or you want to have us sit down with you and discuss a brand new option, please give us a call. We would love to help.

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