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A day in the life of a mso Developer Tom has been a part of the mso Development team for just under a year, but his expertise and passion is a welcome addition to our already strong team. The role of the business website in delivering exceptional customer service Excellent customer service is imperative for any business. So let's look at how your website can alleviate some of the pressure from your customer service team. A day in the life of a mso Account Manager Hannah has been an integral part of the mso team for over 6 years as a mso Account Manager. But what exactly does her role entail? How to create trust between you and your donors How do you encourage people to make an online donation on your charity website? Trust is earned when actions meet words. Virtual school experiences – a fad or here to stay? Covid forced all schools to explore virtual school experiences, many choosing various forms from interactive maps, through to virtual tours of the school campus. But post-pandemic are these digital experiences petering out or are they here to stay? Taking our websites to the Next.js level We’re always looking for the ‘next’ big thing to keep our websites ahead of the curve. So without further a do allow us to introduce you to Next.js. Delivering sustainable initiatives for your independent school In an effort to tackle the challenges of the rising cost of living, what actions can independent school’s take to reduce costs and become more sustainable? Showcasing diversity and inclusion within the Livery Company website Evolving from medieval guilds, livery companies have continued to adapt to retain purpose and social relevance in the modern day. And now, by promoting diversity and inclusion in the sector, livery companies can continue their evolution. But how can the website help this mission? Capture the attention of Millennials and Gen Z on your website Millennials and Gen Z'ers have grown up in the pinnacle of the digital age. Accounting for 40% of the UK population, these tech-savvy generations consume digital medium differently from the predecessors, so how can your website excite and engage this audience?