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Creating a seamless donation experience on your charity website With digital donations now an essential component for charity income, it's surprising to see so many outdated and clunky experiences. In this blog post we look at how to create an effective donation experience. Showcasing your construction portfolio Construction projects tend to be things of beauty, however many of their websites fail to truly showcase them appropriately. How to use your website to promote your sport Sporting organisations have long been fighting the challenge of an inactive society, but if the pandemic has taught us anything it is the power of digital. How to plan your school website upgrade A website upgrade is an important event for any school, so it's natural for those managing it to feel a little pressure. To ensure a smooth process, our team now identify what needs to be considered before commencing such a project. Creating an effective ‘About Us’ page Your 'About Us' page is one of the most important pages on your school website, yet many schools fail to truly express their identity. This infographic looks to offer some tips on how to create an effective 'About Us' page. Achieving a global reach with your enterprise website Expanding your reach into new regions is a great way of achieving business growth, so we have put this blog post together to offer some tips to consider to ensure website performance across the globe. Turning your website into a money making machine With many businesses opting for brochure websites, this blog post highlights how businesses can evolve their website experience to help generate leads and revenue. Defining the ideal online donation experience Many charities and non-profit organisations struggle to outline the ultimate digital donation journey, so we've put this infographic together that defines the ideal experience. Web trends for 2022 Now that the new year is finally here, it’s that time where we look ahead to see which website trends might be the real deal in 2022 - and those to steer clear of!