Kent WordPress Developers

Whether you’re an individual, small businesses or large corporation, the WordPress platform is the perfect base for your website. Get in touch with us to find out how our in-house WordPress developers based in Kent, can help with with your website project.


Our WordPress websites not only give the ‘wow’ factor when it comes to design and functionality but they are simple and intuitive to manage.

Located in Longfield in Kent, just outside of London, the mso team of expert WordPress developers choose to use this platform because of it’s flexibility and scalability. Our outstanding websites are built around the WordPress core and the website functionality is adapted by our in-house WordPress developers to provide our customers with functionality to fit their requirements.

User Friendly

Add text and image content easily as well as interchangeable components to any page on the site. WordPress is a cloud based CMS meaning that you can access your CMS from anywhere with an Internet connection, giving you the power to update on the move.

Online Forms

Capture data with Online Forms,

Social Media

Aggregation of Social Media. Pull together all your social media channels into one component or page to showcase what’s going on in your organisation.


Video Integration. Create a video gallery to pull videos automatically from your chosen platform. Such as YouTube, Vimeo etc.


Animated content and rollover states encourage user engagement. The introduction of movement not only keeps the user engaged but ensures they are drawn into and kept on the website.

Little training

We have found users with no prior CMS experience pick up WordPress as quickly as a webmaster. WordPress has been designed to be user friendly and intuitive, meaning that very little training is needed, even for those with no prior web design skills or knowledge.

Since our first meeting with Adrian, we have been impressed with the attention to detail, constant communication with the team and a shared belief of the power of websites. We are excited for what the next couple of years bring and look forward to sharing our ideas and thoughts with a team that truly understand what independent schools need from a website.

Kieran Hatten, Communications Manager New Hall