Branding & Logo Design

Establishing a brand identity is not always easy.


It pays to get the help of a creative and marketing team to brainstorm and come up with the ideas to move you forward. It’s not just about a logo, it’s the communication of an ethos, a mission, a value. The branding team at mso is made up of various disciplines and backgrounds with one aim: to pinpoint an aspiration and transmit it in such a way that it resonates with the very audience it is targeting.

How do we do it?

We’ve taken on various branding projects for clients but always follow the same process, which for us, guarantees a very happy customer. The initial meeting is always face to face so we can hear you articulate your passion for what you’re trying to achieve. We ask about your likes and dislikes so we can start to build a picture and establish a story – we know that for all of us, buying into a brand is usually in the first instance, a purely sub-conscious reaction.

We then go away into our mso cave and ponder and think before arriving at several design concepts. Again, we prefer this to be a face to face meeting so our design team can explain each concept and get your feedback before progressing with the next iteration.

Logo Design

Your identity and ethos is visually expressed through your logo. Make sure you're communicating the right message with a unique powerful logo that's simple, scalable and versatile.

Brand Guidelines

Brand Guidelines are the perfect tool to keep your brand consistent. Whatever size of your business, having a consistent brand is critical to helping your brand work effectively.


Printed stationery plays an important role in promoting your company. Use it as an effective marketing tool to inject professionalism into your brand image.

The value mso brings is in being a virtual part of our team. At every stage we worked together to develop the improvements and the best thing is that mso is as keen to create a great site as we are. It’s reassuring to know that every project is meticulously planned and competently completed so that when ‘show time’ comes, the switch between versions is seamlessly executed.

Alistair Gale, Director of Corporate Affairs Port of London Authority