ColdFusion, then Railo…now Lucee – loyal CFML developers. mso has always been loyal supporters of ColdFusion Markup Language.


We have always kept up to date with CFML developments and made sure that by doing so, we continue to create rich and interactive online experiences for our clients.

We are huge CFML advocates and have for many years coded using Adobe’s ColdFusion server platform. A few years ago, we followed the open-source Railo initiative (now defunct) which led us to becoming members of the Lucee Association Switzerland. We now support and guide the future of open-source CFML with the Lucee server project.

mso has a team of highly experienced CFML developers all with years of  knowledge and expertise at their disposal. Two of our developers hold the Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) qualification, which is no mean feat considering that in the UK, there are only eight individuals who have this certification. With that sort of capability, we can take over your existing support contract with ease.


We have provided CFML consultation services to many businesses including renowned art book sellers Phaidon, the Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service and Inspirational Development Group amongst many others.


Our team includes highly experienced server administrators with in-depth knowledge of all three of the major CFML engines, so whether you are running your system using Adobe ColdFusion, Railo or Lucee, on Windows Server or Linux, we can help.


With such a broad range of CFML experience, our team will make sure your applications are following the industry's best practices for code structure, testing and maintenance.


Are you worried about the security of your CFML project? Whether at server or application level (or both), we can provide peace-of-mind by reviewing your server and application for security issues and providing you with ways to help secure it, protecting your application and data.

The recent work we have carried out with MSO in the last few months has enabled us to grow our business at a faster rate than we thought possible. Their technical knowledge and ability to bring an alternative view to the table are vital ingredients in choosing the right partner.

Bav Shah, eCommerce Manager Phaidon