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CES 2016 - How is it looking so far?

Looking back at days one and two of the CES tech show in Las Vegas, gadget freaks will be more than satisfied with the plethora of new inventions being showcased at the biggest tech show of the year.

Tech teams are already in a frenzy, reporting back with examples from the likes of Samsung, Sony, General Motors and LG - just some of the giants giving us a feel for the next generation of must-have tech.

The event hasn’t been bereft of controversy either. A patent infringement claim by Californian company, Future Motion’s Onewheel vehicle against a Chinese model (Surfing Electric Scooters) resulted in US marshals attending the stand and confiscating the offending articles. The hoverboard maker, Changzhou First International Trade denies any infringement and told the BBC that it had been kept hidden to ensure that no other Chinese firm copied it. However, now that a restraining order is in place, we’ll have to see what happens when the case returns to court next week.

Not surprisingly, hoverboards have been banned from the show floors at CES following safety concerns but there could be an alternative, the Blink which is an electronic skateboard. Controlled by a handheld device it can move at a swift 12mph but for those of us who prefer a more orthodox mode of travelling, might prefer the Digitsole, a smartshoe that can warm your toes, count steps and light your way with a built-in torch.

With January being a ‘get fit’ month, many gadgets are looking to improve our lives for the better. From nutrition bottles that allows you to switch between vitamins and products to a belt that will measure your waist these will appeal to the body-conscious but we can’t see them going the distance. What most of us want from a gadget is something that will actually add value and save us money.

Kitchen appliances are being adapted to be ‘smart’ whereby they can run more economically and offer households cost savings to their energy bills. Examples at the show include a Whirlpool dishwasher with a Nest thermostat, a washing machine that will learn how to best wash clothes and another by Samsung that will allow you to add the errant sock you’ve dropped on the floor, mid-cycle. All aimed at making lives easier and economical.

There is so much going on at the show, we can’t mention everything so for more details and to keep up to date, follow one of the many tech teams covering the event (BBC, Techradar, The Verge and Wired). You can also see exactly what is being exhibited and where via the CES website which splits the show floors and allows you to pick a category and discover the products available.



Sarah Pooley, Account Director



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