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Is ColdFusion A Good Choice for Web Development

CFML (ColdFusion Markup Language) is a web development language that actually precedes many other languages. Although it has been in existence since the mid 90’s, the old tag-based language has kept up with technological advancements and evolved into the powerful language that it is today. ColdFusion is often the preferred choice, employed by many web developers to carry out their projects on web development, and for good reason.

So, let’s take a look at some of the top reasons why ColdFusion is a good choice for web development.


Primarily, ColdFusion focuses on easing difficult tasks, making them as simple as possible whilst still allowing them to be as complex as required. The ease of querying databases is a classic example of this. Its simple method of working can be used on every feature of ColdFusion, and yet dynamic web based applications with advanced features and functionality can be produced quickly. What’s more, ColdFusion has helped to consolidate many of the tedious processes that are needed, normally requiring many lines of code, into one easier to read tag, similar to HTML tags.


ColdFusion has kept up with the times and the growing needs of web development over the past 20 years. With every release, many useful features are always being added to enrich previous versions. This has included its capability to integrate with other platforms, which is not a new concept. ColdFusion can work seamlessly with most platforms and also has support for virtually every sort of legacy connectivity.

There are too many to name them all, but supported platforms include: COM, CORBA, Java, JMS, XMPP, SOAP, AMF, .NET assemblies, SMS gateways, Message Queues and PDF forms. The added benefit with ColdFusion’s integration with these platforms is that it can happen straight out of the box, so there’s no need to waste time, money or effort with 3rd party libraries for support.

Furthermore, ColdFusion works extremely well on Windows, UNIX, Linux, or MAC.


To this end, many large applications used by multi-national organisations are developed with ColdFusion.

Not only is ColdFusion a scalable and easy to administer platform, it is a rapid development platform that’s able to keep up with today’s fast business pace.

Improves Productivity

When you take into consideration development training, deployment costs and support with other languages like Java and .NET, the speed in development of using ColdFusion allows you to do more in less time. It’s easy to learn platform, that includes a lot of useful built-in functions, makes it a cost effective choice when you consider the associated costs with learning any language and the return on investment. ColdFusion includes enhanced scripting support, which fastens the process of building applications and features. The language enhancements also improve code quality, enabling code to be created in less time than with other platforms.

To sum up, ColdFusion’s ease of use and powerful integrations allow you to build highly effective web based applications. Its high performance, dependability, and cost effectiveness are some of the main reasons why it is such a popular choice with web developers. It is particularly a great choice if you want to get up and running quickly with web development, and it has the scalability to develop and grow with you. The capabilities ColdFusion brings, along with its friendly developer approach and a rapid learning curve, makes it an ideal platform for web development.



Paul Lawrie, Director



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