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Tips on how to refresh your online admissions experience this Summer The phrase, ‘school’s out for summer’, often doesn’t apply to your school’s admissions and marketing teams who will likely be working tirelessly over the summer break to, amongst other things, achieve the school’s enrollment goals. Digital Transformation: Key considerations to help manage potential risks Digital transformation is integral to future-proofing a charity's offering, but it doesn't come without its risks. We look at how these can be mitigated to ensure the success of your digital transformation project. Designing the best school website navigation Having a clear, succinct navigation is such an integral part of your school website, but how can you optimise your navigation design to create the best experience for your users? Demonstrating the value of an independent school education Facing a cost of living crisis has caused many to reevaluate their finances. As such, it's never been more important to demonstrate the benefits of independent school education. But how can the website be used to promote value? Next-generation software development Next-gen software development is the catalyst of digital transformation, but how can it be harnessed to elevate your organisation above the competition? Putting sustainability at the heart of your website strategy Enterprise organisations all over the world are looking to make sustainability-focused changes, but how can these be factored into your website strategy? A day in the life of an mso Developer Tom has been a part of the mso Development team for just under a year, but his expertise and passion is a welcome addition to our already strong team. The role of the business website in delivering exceptional customer service Excellent customer service is imperative for any business. So let's look at how your website can alleviate some of the pressure from your customer service team. A day in the life of a mso Account Manager Hannah has been an integral part of the mso team for over 6 years as a mso Account Manager. But what exactly does her role entail?