Project Summary

The ESMS Parent Portal gives parents access to more information online then they have ever had before. This enables the school to improve their efficiency in dealing with parent communication, which helps both school staff and parents.

The new Parent Portal gives parents the ability to log in to one system from which they can retrieve all relevant information on their child or children, as well as being able to feed information back into the system themselves.

Web Design & Development

We have been very pleased with the technology and service provided by mso education. From the beginning of the project they demonstrated a high level of expertise in the school technology sector, while also understanding that ESMS has specific needs with being the largest family of independent schools in Europe.

The Parent Portal solution that mso education delivered more than met those needs, while meeting all our budgets and timescales. Throughout the project they took the time to explain everything to us and engaged with our key stakeholders. We look forward to continuing our relationship with mso education and are already in discussions regarding further development work. 

Dr Khalid Hussain, Director of ICT ESMS

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