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Project Summary

The website holds a huge amount of information so we were keen to present the signposting within the site as clearly as possible. We used a full screen navigation to enable us to show users the destinations to all pages within one screen.

The website has had the highest care and attention applied to every single page, each with its own layout and style giving every section a unique feel. The website itself is built on components, which can be interchanged and used anywhere throughout the site.

Web Development

Having developed an initial structure and visual concept for our site internally, we needed a development team with the skills and expertise to refine and realise our vision. Of course MSO provided the technical skills and knowledge we were looking for, but more importantly they understood our concept – effortlessly taking on board our approach and interpreting our ideas, and then turning them into real working solutions – ultimately allowing us to develop the site we wanted. The team from MSO developed a natural rapport with those at G&L and, with ease and humour, Sarah, George & Co. formed an integral part of the project team and lead us to producing a website that, in the early part of our journey, felt unachievable. Hugely accommodating, they were quick to adapt to changes, process new ideas and always on hand to offer their expertise with much-needed clarity. As we continue to update the website, and develop other digital products for the school, we look forward to seeing where our on-going relationship with MSO takes us.

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