Project Summary

The requirement was a website with a contemporary design for the public area yet still remain faithful to brand guidelines. The new site also needed additional features and functionality not found on the existing site.

Our answer was to design and build a responsive site with user-friendly navigation together with a vibrant and modern design. Focus was firmly on usability and having a clear understanding of the journey required to deliver the most relevant information in as few clicks as possible. The introduction of widgets on pages also encourages interaction.

Web Design & Development

This ended up being a relatively long project as Motorsport UK needed to understand better the online requirements of its membership and the general public. MSO were instrumental in guiding us through the process and helping us to understand what we needed to do in each stage. They even undertook much of the pre-work and created the functional specification before we even began work on the site. This was critical to ensure that we achieved not only a better looking website, but also one that was able to play a key role in the functions of the business. We are delighted with the end result and the feedback from our end users has been uniformly enthusiastic.

Ben Taylor, Director of Development and Communications Motorsport UK

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