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Christ's Hospital

Christ's Hospital is an independent boarding school based in Horsham, West Sussex. and has a fascinating history. The School was founded over 460 years ago to provide 'first class education for needy children' and both the School and the associated Foundation work hard to ensure pupils - of which there are 870 - leave having fulfilled their potential. The Foundation is able to source 70% of the annual costs necessary to fund the pupils' education, an impressive feat taking into account the current economic climate.

Christ's Hospital presents itself as unique and goes by the motto 'A school like no other.' It was therefore vitally important that the website replicated the School in terms of individuality and exceptionality. As soon as a visitor lands on the home page for example, the first thing they will acknowledge is Christ's Hospital's tradition and that here is a school that despite being steeped in history has a very forward thinking and modern outlook. We embedded a rich interactive media panel hosting video, dates for the diary, booking option etc whilst above it, is a nice feature which includes a carousel of pupil testimonials.

The website holds a huge amount of information so we were keen to present the various routes to final destinations as clear as possible. The navigation in particular was a challenge but we had to ensure that each type of audience would find their chosen page in as few a clicks as possible. Since the current site is deluged with signposting, we needed to avoid a similar scenario. On mobile, we've made it obvious what falls under main navigation and what is secondary, ensuring that we take visitors to the various portals and micro sites whilst being mindful that the main site is the priority.

It's not just the home page that is a fully immersive experience. Once a visitor navigates to any of the main sections, they're encouraged to click on any of the CTAs at the bottom of each page; presented as blocks of images and content. Christ's Hospital can amend these to suit the demands of that specific section and thereby maximise click through. The aim is to encourage people to maximise their length of stay for each website visit in the hope they will return time after time.

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