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Project Summary

Exclusive Expeditions is an independent agency based in West Sussex, England. Specialising in expedition cruises; Exclusive Expeditions excel in arranging tailor-made travel experiences with a focus on destination-led exploration and discovery.


We were approached by the Exclusive Expeditions team in early 2016 and what started as a discussion for a new website, quickly evolved into a brand exercise. A strong brand is an essential and valuable asset, which would help to convey the experience and knowledge that the Exclusive Expeditions team have to offer, it is also at the core of any web design.


We provided various logo concepts focusing on the elements of nature and exploration and experimented with various colour palettes to achieve the desired effect. Due to the nature of the company, we focused mainly around earthy tones, settling on blue as a base colour. Not only is blue an overwhelmingly popular colour, but as the colour of the sea and sky it seemed an obvious choice. Blue in web design psychology is also depicts dependability, trust and commitment, which are the exact values Exclusive Expeditions wanted to communicate, so in all, was more than worthy of being the dominate colour in the colour palette.


For the logo itself, we wanted something that was simple, yet told a story. Of the 3 concepts supplied, we again drew experience from nature. From the constellations of the starry skies, to the contours of the mountains, before settling on the globe design that you see on the website today.


Breath-taking imagery takes centre stage on the site, showcasing the beautiful experiences that Exclusive Expeditions can offer and if these images don’t awaken the adventurer in you, we don’t know what will! The interface of the site itself is simple. We wanted the users to be merely clicks away from their perfect destination and itinerary and for that reason we strived to make the user journey as seamless as possible, with clear signposting at every juncture to encourage the user to contact the Exclusive Expeditions team to start planning their perfect adventure.


In terms of the scalability and pliancy for the Exclusive Expeditions team, the site is built with the WordPress CMS. This allows Exclusive Expeditions the flexibility to add or update the images, content and components of the site with ease, meaning that the site can grow as they do. This CMS also provides our developers with the platform to develop a truly outstanding website.


We’re very excited to see what lies ahead for the Exclusive Expeditions team and are extremely happy that they have included us in their adventure.

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