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What we do

Since no project is the same, we hone our skills according to the type and needs of each one. Of the services we offer, each one can be taken on a standalone basis or combined.

From simple brochure sites with responsive design, through to bespoke solutions with integrated systems, our developers excel at creating unique and successful web applications.


Confused with which route to take?

It's not sufficient to offer just the online solution - we know that there are excellent agencies out there offering the same as us. What differentiates us from others is our approach and attitude. We strive to listen and understand, offer alternatives and be honest in what we think will work.

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Light up your brand for everyone to see.

Our design team loves a challenge. Not only do we come up with fantastic website designs, we can offer the whole creative package. It pays to have someone understand your brand and we can bridge the gap between the disciplines of web and print and ensure that in whatever medium, consistency is retained.

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Web & Digital

Explore your online potential.

And yes, this is the bit we are really good at. Writing bespoke web applications is where we excel. We have the best in young development talent mentored by experienced old hands whose knowledge of digital gives us the insight to advise clients on the best path to take and realise their aims and goals.

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Online Marketing

There's a quick way to get your message out there.

We know that there are other factors that influence digital success. We can help steer you regarding search engine optimisation, search engine marketing, social media, email and online advertising. No longer the new kid on the block, social media should be an intrinsic part of your marketing mix strategy. We're happy to advise whether one platform is best suited to hit your target audience or a combination and help you establish the correct tone and delivery.

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We'll catch you if you fall, rely on us for support.

For whatever reason, there may come a time when you may have to part from your existing supplier. Having a 12-strong team of developers enables us to offer full time support to existing websites and applications. Not the easiest of processes (to migrate supplier) but we'll make the experience as seamless as possible. We're advocates of CFML which is a well recognised scripting language for the JVM. We have vast experience with all the main CFML engines be that Adobe ColdFusion, Railo or Lucee. We've been able to take over the maintenance of existing websites or web applications written in CFML for many clients.

CFML Support


Transforming the digital experience for schools

We’ve applied what we’ve learnt in the commercial world and adopted the same approach for schools. Parents haven’t the time nor the inclination to login to various portals - all with different functionality and nuances. We’ve developed a portal that offers seamless integration with the various information systems used by schools. Combine that with powerful booking engines and the result is something to behold.

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Capture those moments before they pass you by.

Good images can sell a website, an experience, a feeling. We have a team of photographers who can take the shots that have that 'wow' factor. Whatever you're trying to communicate, we can ensure that the imagery mirrors the words and the actions and ultimately enhances the overall user experience.

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