Project Summary

Sunways’ experience, global knowledge and their desire to create a truly unique holiday sets the precedence for the new site. Subsequently this was a message that we wanted to resonate throughout the entirety of the user journey. Each page received the utmost care and attention, to enable us to deliver a positively unique experience, to educate, inspire and energise any would-be wayfarer to take their first step in a new adventure.

We collaborated closely with the team at Sunways to ensure the content, UX and design of the site worked collectively to produce a truly satisfying online experience. Beautiful breath-taking imagery takes the forefront; leading to eloquent content, written to inspire and excite the flawless animation encourages user interaction. And all the while subtle signposting is designed to influence any potential jetsetter to click through to the enquiry form, or get in touch with the Sunways team to take their next step towards a holiday of a lifetime.

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